Hi, I'm Czar!
The Fili Programmer

I'm a filipino programmer with extensive experience in web development.
I like to work on fast paced, high-impact, startupy projects.

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Online Shopping Store

Making shopping easy. EasyShop.PH is an online shopping website primarily targeted towards the Philippine market.

Exhange skills for homestay

Teach a language or skill and get free homestay anywhere in the world. GoCambio just might revolutionize travel.

Payroll Automation

Time, attendance, and payroll at the click of a button. Salarium takes the pain away from HR.

Technology Stack

I enjoy using all sorts of technologies for development
but my preferred tech stack would include:

  • Symfony

    Symfony makes PHP a great language for the web. It has a large community and has the highest quality codebase for a framework.

  • Angular

    Angular makes it possible to markup HTML with behavior in a very semantic way. Currently looking forward to picking up v2.0.

  • Docker

    Docker provides a lightweight virtualisation platform for modeling distributed services. It also keeps my local machine clean.

  • Git

    Currently the industry's VCS of choice, Git is indispensable in team projects as well as highly structured development workflows.

  • AWS

    AWS has a great ecosystem of cloud compute services and makes scaling incredibly cheap and efficient. No better place to host a server.

  • MySQL

    The world's most popular database. And arguably, the most reliable too. Though I've been thinking about MariaDB as of late.

You like me?

That's cool. I like me too. I also like making positive social impact, talking, thinking, and programming.